Essential Components of Military Patches

Written on November 25, 2014 at 11:35 am, by Paul Corduroy

Military patches are also commonly referred to as unit insignias. Regardless of the term used in referring to these items, they are highly useful tools used in the military. These patches provide a number of uses to members of the military. One of the most common uses of these uniform accessories is that they indicate the affiliation of a soldier. In fact, they provide a sense of belonging to soldiers.

They can also represent the accomplishments or ranks of soldiers who have shown exceptional acts of service. Essentially, these clothing accessories are attached onto the uniforms of military members. However, they can also be attached onto other parts or items, such as flight vests, shoulders, sleeves and even helmets. They can also carry relevant information about the unit, which can include unit name, logo and motto.

Miltary PatchesMilitary patches can also include the slogan of a certain unit. This is a great way not only to represent efficiently the unit but also to add some attitude to it. Military units can be classified depending on their size, which include divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions, companies and platoons. With the use of patches, it is easy to identify the specific unit in which a soldier is affiliated with.

Military members of special units such as helicopter units, infantry units, engineer units, artillery units, Navy squadrons and Special Troops Battalions also popularly use these patches. In addition, they can also include the rank or position of the soldier such as recon, sniper, ranger and sapper. These pieces of information are useful as they indicate the accomplishment and the identity of members of the military.

The size of military patches can also determine the specific use of the items. In fact, patches with varying sizes can represent the type of service or mission in which they are used for. For example, Kiowa pilots require the use of patches with a certain shape and size. This is of great importance as patches must fit well to military uniforms including the helmets.

Additionally, patches, which are intended to be attached on the shoulders and sleeves of uniforms, should also meet the standards of the military. It is of equal significance to use specific types of patches for certain units and to get the right dimensions of the items. These patches must fit the regulations stated by the military so that soldiers can wear them with pride and conviction.

Color also plays a vital role in these uniform accessories. The use of loud colors for patches is strongly discouraged for safety reasons. Loud and colorful patches can attract the attention of the opposing force. In fact, the enemies from afar can see them. The opposing force (particularly the snipers) can aim their weapons to the position of the soldier once they get an identifier, which in this case is the loud patches.

Choosing the right colors for patches is a vital aspect that the military take into consideration. Colors that do not cast reflection are the best options. This is an excellent way to add safety features to military uniforms. The United States military resolved this concern efficiently by creating specific colors to lessen the impact of their patches.

When it comes to the form of attachment of patches, the most recommended is the use of Velcro technology. Velcro patches provide easy application and removal. They can be attached onto any military uniform item, which include helmets and vests.

Some people think that military patches are just ordinary clothing embellishments. On the other hand, members of the military put a great level of significance to these patches. It is because these military uniform accessories also serve as the emblem of loyalty, bravery, unity and honor. They are also an excellent way to appreciate and acknowledge the genuine service provided by brave members of the military.